Where to stay?

Where to stay is the big question. I’ve spent most of my eveningsearching for accommodation in Melbourne and Sydney and after browsing what feels like hundred’s of websites and trip advisor reviews I’m still struggling to decide! With hostels there is such a large variety to chose from. Do I want to stay in a large hostel with a party atmosphere or a smaller one with a family feel?

This trip will be my first proper experience of hostels and bed hopping – I don’t plan on being in one place for any longer than a week! I’ve already brought my bed hopper pass but I’m keen to book ahead in the big cities. Has any one got any tips on choosing hostels? Or any recommendations of cheap places to stay in Sydney / Melbourne?

Choosing my bed for the night is just one of the many challenges I’m bound to face over the coming months as I plan and undertake my ‘big trip’. I’ve already looked into booking activities; but  I’m struggling to decide how much to book in advance and how much I should ‘just go with the flow’. I’d definitely think of myself as an organiser. I like to have everything prepared in advance but I understand with a trip like this it is just not possible. As a solo traveller I’m free to do what I want, when I want to do it but then I’m aware of how much I need the company of people so I want to get a balance of doing what I want and meeting people and making friends.


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