Two months to go!

Yesterday two months until I head off on my adventures! On January 10th I’ll be hoping on my first flight from London to Dubai before travelling onto Bangkok. I thought I’d use this post to explain a bit more about what I’m going to be doing when I jet off in January.

After landing in Bangkok I’ve given myself a few days to explore before I join up with a tour group to travel down to Singapore through Krabi, Penang and Kuala Lumpur before heading onto Singapore. After spending a few days admiring the sites in Singapore I’ll hop on another plane to Melbourne, Australia.

Australia has always been a country that has fascinated me; from a young age I dreamed of the hot weather; beach days and beautiful scenery. As a a long-time Neighbours fan; I’m not going to be missing the opportunity to head to Ramsay Street while out in Melbourne – fingers crossed I meet Dr Karl! Following a couple of days in Melbourne I’m going to be heading up for a week in Sydney before continuing up the east coast to Cairns. I’ve got various adventures planned along the way – look out for pictures of me attempting to surf in Byron Bay!

From Cairns I’m heading to the middle of Australia; to Darwin to join up with another tour down to Alice Springs and Urulu – visiting has been a dream of mine since I first heard of it in a geography lesson age 11.

Following 8 days camping in the Australian outback I’ll be off to meet my parents in Sydney who are flying out to join in some of my New Zealand adventure. From Sydney we fly to Auckland where we’re hiring a camper van and heading out to explore the North Island – I’ve already set my sights on watching my dad do the Haka! Following two weeks of adventuring with them; I’m back on my own and back on the bus. I’ve booked a Kiwi Experience around New Zealand so I’m planning to travel through North Island and down to South Island. I’ve got a month to explore New Zealand and I’ve not quite got round to finalising that bit of my itinerary.

All that is certain is I’ll end up back in Auckland on May 18th for my flight to Nadi –  and two weeks of sun, sea and island hoping around Fiji. From Fiji it’s a mere 10 hour hop across the  Pacific Ocean to Hong Kong where I’ll be meeting up once again with mum along with my sister and aunt for a week exploring the city where my mum grew up; before finally heading home to Blighty.


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