Greetings from Bangkok

Hello from the other side – and by that I mean Bangkok! After what felt like the longest plane ride of my life I landed in Bangkok on Wednesday evening and despite a speedy change in Dubai my bag made it too!

The Grand Palace

After a quiet first night, it was time to explore. Day 1 consisted of visits to the Grand Palace and Wat Pao with of the girls from my room in the hostel. Both sites were very interesting and unlike anything I have ever seen before. The Grand Palace seemed never ending, around each corner there was something new to see. Similarly, I had thought the Wat Pao was going to be just the reclining Buddha, but it was much more than that.

Wat Pao

Following a rather late lunch, a long stroll and my first Tuk Tuk ride, I arrived back in the hostel and got ready for a night out on Khao San Road with a group of others from the hostel. Several cocktail buckets later we were dancing away in a club and before we knew it, it was 4am! After being told off by an Irish man for eating McDonalds in Thailand and lots of battering with the taxi drivers, we all finally made it back to the hostel in one piece.

Survived my first Tuk Tuk

This morning has been a quieter one – street food for breakfast followed by a wander around the local area. A trip to a local market awaits this afternoon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Rice for breakfast!!



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