Heading South

First of all apologies for the radio silence over the last week. I’ve been heading south through Thailand and Malaysia and now find myself in Kuala Lumpur. My final few days in Thailand saw island hopping, lots of beaches and a sun tan.

Looking for Leo in Maya Bay

Sea and sun on Tup Island

After the final day in Krabi and a full day drive I found myself across the boarder in Penang, Malaysia. Country number two! The first day was spend with an amazing guide Steven, learning all about the history of the city and visiting the many sites, before day two was spent looking at the street art in the area.

Group selfie with the Chinese lanterns

View over Penang / Georgetown

Street art in Georgetown

From Penang, we transferred to the Cameroon Highlands on a bus which can only be considered as the height of luxury for a day trekking in the rainforest. I was super proud of the fact that I managed to complete the two hour rainforest trek without falling over! Our day out also consisted of trips to a tea plantation and strawberry farm.

Pre- jungle trek

With the worlds largest flower

In the tea fields!

I now find myself in Kuala Lumpur. I spent the first afternoon visiting church where my mum was christened and my grandparents married and now I find myself wandering round the other sites with the rest of my group.

Most photographed structure in KL

Following the family history trail


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