High Country Adventures

So first off, this post is around a week late, but nevertheless! Part of my Oz Experience package included a high country tour from Melbourne to Sydney which I undertook last weekend. After an early start on Friday morning, and introductions to the group we set off from Melbourne for the long drive to Sydney.

The first stop was a viewpoint at Murchinson Gap to look out to the Australian bush,  where we were greeted with an expansive view looking out over the country. After that we journeyed onto Beechworth a small town effectively in the middle of nowhere. There we grabbed a spot of lunch and manged to catch the end of the Hearld Sun Tour leg that day – apparently a Brit won, but they were cycling so fast I missed most of it!

Murchinson Gap

From Beechworth we carried onto our farmstay for the evening, Hanericka farmstay. After cooling off in the pool and attempting to take a selfie with the camel we were treated to a sunset tractor ride before a standard Aussie sausage dinner! That evening, we were treated to a spectacular view of the Milky Way, several planets and a generally fantastic starry sky.

Our attempt at a camel selfie

Farm life

Farm sunsets

Looking at the Milky Way

The following day, we travelled on, albeit with several bus problems to Canberra were we toured Parliment House and the Australian National Museum. It was another couple of hours before we finally made it to Sydney and headed on our first Sydney night out.
Group selfie at Parliament House!
On top of Parliament House
National Museum of Australia
View over Canberra

This tour was run by Bunyip tours, and also runs in reverse from Sydney to Melboure. The only disadvantage is that it only departs once a week, however it is definitely worth it. If you’re travelling up the coast it’s a great way to meet fellow travellers doing similar trips to you, and it’s also a great way to break up a long journey. Plus, a night on a proper Aussie farm is a must for anyone travelling the country.


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