Adventuring in the Blue Mountains

Before leaving Sydney, I was spending the weekend in the Blue Mountains, something I’d booked before I came out to Australia. I was doing the trip through Oz Trails, a Sydney based tour company. The first stop was at Wentworh Falls lookout for fabulous views over the Blue Mountains. From there we moved into Wentworth Falls where we went on a short walk down to view the waterfall – which was largely dry due to a lack of rain.

First view of the Blue Mountains!
Too nervous to sit on the edge so the selfie stick will have to do!
Blue Mountains selfie!

Following a lunch, we then made the journey to Scenic World – a tourist attraction in the Blue Mountains. There we rode one of the cable cars across the valley, before riding another cable car down to the valley where we were treated to the first views of the Three Sisters. After a tour of the forest we then road the worlds steepest funicular back to the centre – I almost shat my pants thinking I was going to fall out of it.

Cable car in Scenic World
Wearing green in the Blue Mountains and blending into the background
Steepest funicular in the world!
From Scenic World I was dropped off to my hostel for the evening. As I had done no prior research on what to do in Katoomba I spent my of evening watching the Ukulele Festival that was on in the town.
Mother Pluckers at the Ukulele Festival
The next morning, I took the bus down to the Echo Falls Lookout to get a better view of the Three Sisters. As it was so hot I could only manage the short walk to the Threw Sisters rather than a longer bush walk. Being to hot to do anything I sought shelter in the aboriginal centre – Waradah. There I enjoyed an aboriginal culture show and getting to know the locals!
One of the Three Sisters
Looking out over the Blue Mountains
Three Sisters from Echo Falls Lookout
Meeting the locals!
Didgeridoo in the aboriginal show
The tour bus picked me up and from there we drove back to the city and boarded a ferry to Circualr Quay – being treated to fantastic views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House on the journey. I enjoyed one final meal in Sydney before boarding the overnight bus to Coffs Harbour

Coming into the Harbour
Opera House views
Selfie in front of the Opera House
Harbour views


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