Cruising up the East Coast

From Sydney I hopped on the night bus up to Coffs Harbour, arriving at stupid o’clock in the morning. Following an action packed week in Sydney a quiet day was much in order. My first day in Coffs Harbour involved napping, and wandering around. When your hostel backs onto the beach, a bit of cloud won’t stop you! 

Stormy days in Coffs Harbour

Day two in Coffs Harbour, I wandered down to the town centre and out to Muttonbird Island Naturre Reserve, which is a small island connected to the mainland via a jetty. I wandered around the harbour and out to the main jetty. 

On Muttonbird Island
Edge of Muttonbird Island
Coffs Harbour Jetty
Taking my obsession with street art to Coffs Harbour

The following morning an early bus to Byron Bay called, and I arrived in Hipsterville around lunchtime. My first day in Byron Bay saw me walk out to the Lighthouse and the most easterly point on mainland Australia and of course head out to the beach!

Arriving in Byron and heading straight to the beach
Most easterly point in mainland Australia
Proof I was there!
Striking a pose at Cape Byron Lighthouse
Cape Byron Lighthouse
Looking out to the Ocean

The following in Byron saw me attempt to surf (unfortunately I didn’t take my phone so no video evidence) and let’s say despite what I though surfing was not genetic and I was not a natural! The following days in Byron were very chilled out and involved lots of chilling out at the hostel and around the pool. One of the days I took a stroll along the beach, to be treated to deserted beach and beautiful views
Snippet of Paradise
When you’re the only one on the beach!
Byron Bay, you beauty!

Byron Bay was a super chilled out few days, the town has a great atmosphere after dark and I was lucky to take in a few of the street performers during my time there, but alas Surfers Paradise called and I had to leave Byron behind!

Byron Bay street art!


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