Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast was my next stop following Byron Bay, I arrived early on Sunday evening and wasted no time heading out for a drink with one of my roommates. My first full day in Surfers was spent exploring the area alongside catching up with some of the people I met on the High Country Tour. I was lucky as during my time in Surfers the area was holding a Sand Art Festival, featuring many different sand sculptures.

Obligatory snap of the Surfers Paradise sign
Sitting on some sand
One of the sand sculptures
My favourite seat in Surfers
Surfers Paradise skyline
Most beautiful sunset!

On my second day in Surfers I ventured out of the city and into the hinterland – an Australian word for the area just inland from the coast. Mount Tamborine was a largely rainforest area, and I was lucky enough to be able to walk through the trees on a tree top walkway. Tamborine itself was a very cute town with a parade of shops similar to what would be found in the UK which made me feel very at home. That evening, back in Surfers, I meet up with Rickie, another from the Melbourne – Sydney tour as we attempted the hostel trivia quiz. Unfortunately our team was just too good at the Trivia and we were not given the free goon!

Up in the trees on the rainforest skywalk
Chasing waterfalls
Inside the trees!
Heart shaped tree

My final day in Surfers was a relaxed one, spent mostly hanging around the swimming pool; before heading out on a famous Surfers Paradise bar crawl in the evening! 


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