Dingos and lots of sand on Fraser Island

As part of my Oz Experience package I was booked onto the Cool Dingo Fraser Island tour including a pre-nights accommodation on the island. I was picked up mid-morning for the ferry ride over to Fraser Island were I first meet some of my fellow tour buddies. That afternoon we were free to explore the island and the resort ourselves and my fellow pre-nighters undertook a short walk out to a lookout and along the beach to watch the sunset and enjoy a few cocktails beachside.

Beachside drinks!

We were up bright and early the next morning to meet our fellow travellers before heading out to one of the most famous sites on Fraser Island – Lake McKenzie. The freshwater lane is almost crystal clear and beautiful to swim in and relax next too. Following lunch the next stop was a walk out to Central Station through the Wanggoolva Creek, a previous hub of the island, where in true wet season style we were all soaked by a passing shower. Following the walk, we had afternoon tea and the Fraser Island cookie tradition was born, it became so that cookies were consumed before and after any activity or bus ride. Fraser evenings were mainly spent chilling out in our lodge, playing drinking games and having emotional sing-a-longs thanks to one of our group who’d brought his guitar.

Getting ready for the first full day on Fraser
Lake Mackenzie with the Lodge 4 girls
Lake Mackenzie was pretty close to perfection

The second day on Fraser stated with a drive along the sand highway, out to the Chamange Pools stopping at the Maheno shipwreck along the way – of course more cookie were consumed! In the afternoon we walked out to Indian Head, the highest point on Fraser Island, for spectacular views of the island. Our final stop was Eli creek for more swimming, and tubing down the river – of course I was the one who fell out the stationary rubber ring! It was here that the intense volleyball completions begun as we tried to get 10 hits in a row!

Maheno shipwreck
On 75 mile beach – an official road!
View from Indian Head
Indian Head is the highest point on Fraser Island

The final day of the tour started with stand-up paddle boarding, or sit down in my case at Lake Birrabben before an all you can eat lunch, not made the most of as we were all stuffed from the cookies! After lunch we trekked over the Hammerstone Sandblow to our final lake of the trip,  Lake Wabby. The final part of the trip involved the ferry back to Hervey Bay from where I caught the night bus to a Airlie Beach.

Tour Group selfie stick outing
Human pyramids on the beach
Wonderful group
Contemplating how great Fraser was


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