Kakadu and Litchfield exploring 

Follwing a night in a hotel (luxury!), I headed off bright and early to join a trip  through Kakdu and Litchfield National Parks with Wayoutback  Safaris on the first stage of my adventure to Uluru. The first stop was Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve. This was a side of Australia different to what I had seen before and a true example of what the wet season can do to an area. Following on from this we visited an aboriginal culture centre as well as a tour of some original aborigional rock art which indicates what life was like for those living in the area. Day one finished with a short hike up a rock for a view of the whole park.

Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve
Outside Kakadu National Park
With some aboriginal rock art
More rock art

Day two started bright and early, for a river trip to spot some crocs. We were very luckily that one crocodile decided to hang around our boat long enough to take plenty of snaps! This tour also provided an opportunity to see many other native birds. Following on from this we headed to another aboriginal culture centre and then to a swimming spot. Following on from this we left Kakadu National Park and headed to our evenings campsite via several small townships – one of which we were allowed to hold snakes!

Early morning croc spotting
Channelling my inner nature photographer
Spotted a Crocodile!
With my new best friend Freckles

The final day saw another early start as we ventured to Litchfield Narional Park. Our first stop was the Magnetic Termite mounds which are aligned with the sun and then yet anther waterfall (Australia is full of them!) before another hike to a river which was beautiful, and safe for swimming! Following this we headed back to Darwin, where I had a rest day before heading out on tour again!

Sunrise snap for a change!
Outside Litchfield National Park
Alongside another waterfall
Magnetic Termite mounds
Tour group number 1